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Monday, June 12, 2006

Weird? Me?


Lalitha has tagged me! My very first tag! And what am I expected to do? Write 5 things weird about me and then pass the buck to 5 others.

Ok,....the weirdest thing about me is..... is.... hm...is... that I dont think there is a anything weird about me. Yeah......there ARE ofcourse a million little quirky things, but.....well.... isn't that normal?

There. My post is ready.

But wait. Here is Lalitha asking me to talk about myself, albeit about my weirdness. When was the last time anybody showed such interest in me and asked me to talk about myself? I dont even remember.....Oh yes, it was in fifth grade, I think. The English teacher asked me to stand up and tell the class, five good things about myself. And exactly the same thing happened. I had absolutely nothing to say. How can I just let go of this opportunity? No! I will write about myself, and it is going to be a bit of a ramble but atleast Lalitha will read ( I hope). Since I, personally dont think there is anything weird about me, let me write what others consider weird about me.

1.Those who stereotype women will find me weird because: I love and enjoy a number of things in the 'man's domain'. I like DIY, including carpentry(learnt in school, tried it even recently, ie, made a shoe rack and toy rack. Not from the assembling kit mind you, but with a saw, nails and hammer and soft wood. I have single handedly installed a ceiling fan. How many men can boast that? I have fixed curtain rods. Drill, bits, screw, the works. And I love vehicles, be it cycles, row boats, or cars, and love riding / rowing / driving them. As a young girl I had fantasised about being a tractor driver.

2. Those who think, "Oh, she should have actually been a man" will find me weird because: I enjoy and love a lot more things that are supposed to be a 'woman's domain'. I like sewing, embroidery, crochet, knitting, patch work, quilting..... I absolutely need knitting for guilt-free TV watching. Just see how much the sweater has progressed and you know how much TV I have been watching. See? This is one sure sign that I wasn't meant to be man. When I sit on front of the TV I dont exercise my fingers by endlessly switching channels. Oops, am I stereotyping men? If there are any men who dont do that, do let me know. Will be pleased to make your aquaintance!
(Come to think of it, they would call my mom weird, because she was the one who taught me to change the washer in the tap, fix the electric iron, and sew and embroider)

3. Car lovers will find me weird because: True, I do love cars and to drive, but I am not exactly what you would call discerning. Till I left India, I thought BMW was a dabba car (is that a kannada slang? well, it means crap, useless, cheap)

4.My nephews find me weird because, according to them, one of my eyebrows is higher than the other. I have showed them all the TV newsreaders in India and pointed out that all of them have an eyebrow higher than the other. I have tried to tell them that it is a sign of beauty. But no, they think I am weird and tease and laugh... :(

5.My parents (If they came to know) may think I am weird because: Inspite of all the loves listed in 1 and 2 plus those that are happily gender free, like reading, gardening, sports, music and so on, the past few months have found me spending most of my free time sitting with my laptop, staring at the screen like a zombie, deep in blogosphere. My son's sweater which I started in September will surely be ready by midsummer.

6. My husband thinks I am weird because: Oh.... only five?


Haha! Now to tag others. Here are the victims: hmm....in alphabetical order :)
We can expect some interesting reading!

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  • At 7:47 AM, Anonymous chandni said…

    that's a nice list...

    Not weird...quite admirable actually!!

    I couldnt even fix a light bulb for a long time..and then felt a little ashamed abt out it...I am learning, I am learning!!


  • At 8:47 AM, Blogger starry nights said…

    Good job Anu..nothing weird about being able to fix things you are just a man/woman of all trades.I love to knit and crochet also, trying to finish a dress for my neice and it has been on the back burner for some time.I love to fix things also. The weird thing is my husband will be asking me where the tools are and I am the one who fixes anything in the house, I mean small stuff.

  • At 11:47 AM, Blogger albino_black_sheep said…

    you sound exactly like my mom and grandma!! my grandma can fix anything!! and so can maa..as for me..I am the manual maniac!..i love reading them and fixing things :D

  • At 12:35 PM, Blogger PRIDERA said…

    An interesting tag Anu. After much thinking, I was able to come up with a list...

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Bhargav said…

    Nice list there Anu. I don't see 'cooking' mentioned in the second point. Don't mistake me for stereotyping women with cooking. Just curious though. You know, I love to cook. You can bank on me for bisi bisi akki rotti and pongal!! Anytime...

  • At 1:19 PM, Blogger Bhargav said…

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • At 9:34 PM, Blogger Shruthi said…

    Your nieces think you are weird coz you take everybody's affairs and problems, as your own, and get so involved in it, and try your best to solve it and sort it out. That needs tremendous energy and interest, and of course, love. :D
    You have another claim to weirdness. Being the mother of the weirdest kid ever :D

  • At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Sandesh said…

    hmmm... interesting list there!
    dont ever mention about BMW and dabba to K&K!
    would have been really weird if you watched football or cricket ;-)

  • At 10:23 PM, Blogger Raj said…

    You say "As a young girl I had fantasised about being a tractor driver."

    I have heard of dreams of becoming Formula 1 drivers; many friends of mine aspired to be 'engine drivers'. But, yours is a highly specialised fantasy - being a tractor driver. How come ? Did you grow up in a farm ?

  • At 11:51 PM, Blogger chitra said…

    Well comprehended but i must say that there is nothing weird in what u have stated.

  • At 12:15 AM, Blogger Swathi said…

    most things listed din seem weird one bit - perhaps itz a matter of perception :)

  • At 1:47 AM, Blogger Anu said…

    Chandni, Heee. Light bulb is a good place to start :))

    Starry nights. I dont think it weird myself. My husband does some of these jobs because he has to, I do it because I love to! Actually, I never found it odd because it is the same with my parents. Whenver my father took up a tool we would tease him saying "Leave it to amma, it doesnt look good in your hands. Only the pen is right for you!"

    albino_black_sheep, Are you by any chance a cousin?;) My aunts are good with tools too. I have no grandma though:(

    Pridera, Thanks.

    bhargav, Thankyou. I did think to add cooking to the list, but I didnt. Now that you ask, I will put up the reason in my next post :) Bisi akki rotti? Slurp! Will definetely drop by ;)

    Shruthi, Hey thats a compliment. Half way through reading the comment I was sure it would end with,"....but when it comes to your own problems you are so lost!" Weird kid? All in the genes!

    Sandesh, Did think twice before adding the BMW thing. Think they will disown me? I found out that internet was down at K&K's. Will quickly put up another post in the hope that they wont notice this earlier one.
    I do watch football! :)))) Do I have a choice? Specially now!

    Raj, I didnt grow up in a farm, but hoped to grow old in one. Always dreamed of a farm, with cows, coconut trees,and a house built with my own hands, a small stream nearby, and a gleaming red tractor. Had seen a photo in some magazine. Everyone except one friend thought I was mad.:(

    Chitra, Swathi, Yeah I know I am normal, it s only the others who think I am not :))

  • At 5:46 AM, Blogger Deppe said…

    Hey Anu. This is a lot more difficult than I imagined :-)

  • At 6:47 AM, Anonymous confused said…


    We shall kill you for this....in a weird way perhaps, just need to think a little more about it.

    You tagged us? Damn! First we had to do an old tag, now this one...

    Anyway, I am no good at doing things by hands but obviously I am better than Chandni who cannot even change a light bulb! heh!

    You tab will be done within this week.

    And haan, createfew links. We like being on top of every blogroll.

  • At 6:49 AM, Anonymous confused said…


    You tag....and you can pick up the tab....

    and we like to be on top of every blogroll.

  • At 7:17 AM, Anonymous chandni said…

    @Confused: i knew your english was poor but I was hoping you could differentiate between the past and present tense...eh?

  • At 9:33 AM, Blogger Anu said…

    Deppe, But you have done it, and nice job!

    Confused, hehe.. Yes, I have to do some blog deco. Will get to it.

    Chandni, ;)

  • At 9:51 AM, Anonymous confused said…

    Chandu beta,

    Stop taking panga with me! :)

    You still can't do it, your bf told me!

  • At 7:41 AM, Anonymous chandni said…

    @Confused: who's taking panga? YOU ARE.

  • At 9:11 AM, Blogger Sachin said…

    Wow...thats something weird, we have Chandni and Confused having a mini argument on Anu's comment space! :-)

    Anu, nice list! I got tagged by Shruthi to do this as well so watch my space. You know what am thinking of originating a tag myself! Lets see what I can come up with.

    Keep posting, always love to read your blog.

  • At 11:36 AM, Blogger Anu said…

    Sachin, haha, yes, do you think they have finished throwing bricks at each other?:))
    Thanks, and yes, I will surely wait for your post. And the tag!

  • At 9:11 PM, Blogger chitra said…

    Tee hee...welcomu to the gangu!!


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