walk a-musing

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Spring is here!


The surroundings can be so deliciously distracting while driving these days . All the dull grey-green of winter in the fields near our area have started to show splashes of yellow - mostly Daffodils but some Forsythia bushes as well, that seem like they are on fire. I have to be really determined to keep my eyes on the road.

Having lived in the area for a couple of years now I even look forward to certain flowers I know will appear for sure in someone else's garden. I find myself asking V, "Could you, on the way to school check if the white Magnolia tree has flowered in the T~ Pub? If so I should drive along that road some time".

Walks take longer too. I walk along peeping unashamedly into people's gardens. There is an elderly couple who live along the path I take. They maintain a small very pretty front garden. I have never seen them but there is a small board amongst the neatly trimmed Hydrangea shrubs that says "Granny and Grandpa live here". I keep a regular check on this garden.

Mine is beginning to show colour too. The bulbs I planted in Autumn have started to push their flowers out from behind other plants.

I can't wait for these tulips to show their faces!