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Friday, October 17, 2008

Dormant blog gets award


Long live friends who never give up on you! Rajk has awarded me the Brilliante weblog award. For a blog that is somewhat dormant, a blog that has set its clock to snooze and wakes up only to offer a few lines so that the alarm bells stop, atleast for the time being. And she has written such nice things about me. And as always gently admonishing me that I don't write often.

Thank you Rajk. As I keep saying, I am an optimist. I still feel I will soon blog regularly. And with people like you encouraging me, I definitely should.

You will understand that I cannot really pass this on. All the blogs I like seem to have received it at sometime or the other! So, Cheers! Till a new award comes along that I happen to receive before most others.


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