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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Classic FM Radio


Of late I have started to enjoy western classical music. A little. My mind still switches off sometimes when I am listening, but as it gets more familiar I am able to appreciate it more. One of the reasons why I am getting more familiar with it is of course because V learns it, but also thanks to Classic FM radio . Whenever we are driving anywhere, V keeps the radio on, and tells me what he knows about the piece that is being played, and tests me the next time anything similar is on air.

Naturally, while listening, I dream of an Indian classical music channel. Imagine - those of you who love Indian classical music as much as I do - a channel that played classical gems all through the day! A channel that relayed entire concerts during the December season from Chennai or the Tansen festival from Gwalior or the Tyagaraja festival from Thiruvaiyaru. A channel that dug up recordings of old masters and played it for you. A channel to which you could text a request for your favourite composition or raga or a favourite artist and listen to it as you drive, take a walk or work on your computer. In a situation where one has to search everywhere for the schedule of Akashavani Sangeeth sammelan like this a classical music channel with a well run website that gives the detailed schedules would be such a blessing!

What catches my attention on Classic FM is the number of children who call up and ask for their favourites. obviously a lot of children listen and enjoy classical music. How lovely!

Now is there a channel like this already in India that I am not aware of?



  • At 10:53 AM, Blogger charu said…

    hi Anu,
    You must check out world space radio. They do have a lot of dedicated channels.

  • At 1:49 PM, Blogger rajk said…

    I'd love to know of such a channel in India too. The last time I visited there and listened to the FM channels, though I felt good at the no. of new channels, (such a change from Aakashvani)I was dismayed at the same inane small-talk and non-stop chattering by the rjs and the same "pop" or "current favorites" playing in all the channels...I too wished somebody would do something different.
    Good to know in UK, kids are exposed so much to Classical music...

  • At 6:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Fortunately Bangalore Radio has a dedicated Classical Music FM Channel Called "Amrutavarshini" whose timings (now extended) are 6AM to 10 AM and 6PM to 11PM.
    Quite sometime back I tried World Space but I found that after a few days of listening same programmes were getting repeated again and again.Well, I don't know the current state of affairs.


  • At 3:34 AM, Blogger Anu said…

    Charu, I tried world space some time ago but couldnt get satisfying info from the website.

    Rajk, There are so many FM channels
    now there should be one dedicated to classical. Actually there could even be two, one for Hindustani and one for Carnatic. I will get to your tag soon. The internet was down :(

    Nagraj, Good to know that.

  • At 8:47 PM, Blogger Anil Jagalur said…

    Hmmmm my mental salivary glands are on over drive, just imagining a 24 hour "music" channel.

    Amritavarshini is a disappointment because their programme selection in the morning is VERY disappointing, to me.

    The most jarring is the bridge music that they play, which completely obliterates the music that we have just heard.

    I am planning to write to them but I want to make it constructive instead of just grouch. So I am waitng for my "mood" to settle down.

    Keep listening to the western classical. It will grow on you. :--)

  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger nowise novice said…

    Dear Anu,
    Anil has gifted amma with a 'World Space', and they do have channels- one plays Karnatic clssical through out the day and the other Hindusthani.I wonder why Anil forgot to tell you!

  • At 9:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I guess you can access National Public Radio (www.NPR.org). They have podcast of Western Classical Music all day and it is in digital format.
    chandru (from Mysore), currently living in Fresno, California, US. Say Hi to Anilanna, Vidya, Brindakka, Amma and Anna...
    My e-mail address: chandras@csufresno.edu

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